Photos with tag: North Cray

River Cray, North Cray c1900 Shows the drinking pond at North Cray. Shows three people gathered at the water’s edge and cattle in the background near to river Cray

The River Cray at Vale Mascal, North Cray c1890 Showing a bridge over the weir on the River Cray.

Entrance to St James Church , North Cray c1900 Photographer with tripod photographing gentleman in parkland

North Cray Road 1890 Looking towards Bexley. Shows tree lined road.

North Cray Road, North Cray c1900 Showing the road opposite North Cray Place. A man with a bicycle can be seen on the road.

River Cray, North Cray c1910 Shows the River Cray and trees. A suited man can be seen sitting on a log to the left hand side of the image near bridge.

North Cray Road, North Cray c1890   Looking north. Showing a curve in the tree lined road

Tired out, near North Cray c1910 A man with a beard and wearing a hat is seated beside a small brick bridge.

North Cray Road, North Cray  c1900 Looking north showing the Ruxley end

North Cray Road, Bexley 1890 Showing a gentleman standing on the road wearing plus fours

River Cray, North Cray c1900 Shows a horse grazing on land beside the river

River Cray c1890 Shows a wooden building in the foliage beside the river